OHMidMod’s Mailbox Guide

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Digital download of our 45 page, modern mailbox guide.  We have included everything you need to build your own modern mailbox.

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Digital download of our 45 page guide, to build your own cedar modern mailbox. The guide includes:⁣⁣

• COMPLETE shopping list with links to specific products to buy⁣⁣

• CAD drawings to make dimensions clear⁣⁣

• List of tools you need for every step⁣⁣

• Cut list for every step⁣⁣

• Approximate time needed to complete⁣⁣

• High resolution photos⁣⁣

• Short video tip ⁣⁣

• Thorough and concise directions⁣⁣

• BONUS Landscaping directions to finish the look!⁣


What is the estimated cost to replicate?⁣

If you use Cedar, as we did, expect to spend $300-$375 on all the construction materials.  If you add the landscaping elements, it will likely be a $100-$150 more.  The cost can be brought down significantly using treated wood. ⁣

How long will this take to build?⁣

We have broken down the construction down day by day.  The drying of the concrete block will determine how long the entire process will take.  Allow 3-4 days to complete it.  I’ve also included estimates for how many hours to allot for each step.⁣

Will I need special tools?⁣

Nothing wild… You’ll need a drill, saw (compound miter saw, circular or even a handsaw), level and a hammer.  There are some other recommendations of which tools to have in the guide. ⁣


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