family room media console.

family room media console.

I almost titled this before and after but who knows how many afters there will be.  Life evolves and we can’t compare our evolution to that of a caterpillar to butterfly.  My personality may be one who either sees the potential in all things or feels like fixing things is just the most joyous thing one could ever do.  Either way, the before’s of this family room are shocking.  Here’s how it went…

adding a velux skylight diy


When it comes to a lot of things, compromise doesn’t come easy to me.  I’m stubborn, a trait that I see within my boys from time to time… I don’t know that being strong-headed is a bad thing.  In any event, the one thing I can be flexible on is finding a way to get the design aesthetic that I vibe with, without spending the maximum budget.  I suppose this comes from growing up without much.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have expensive taste, always have, and I will always gravitate toward the most expensive thing without ever knowing the price.  BUT when needed, I can find a way to achieve a look without breaking the bank.  At the end of the day, which will bring me more joy: a $6,000 custom built media console to fit perfectly into the 15’ 6 3/4” opening of the family room OR spending less than that on a new car’s payments for a year?  The car.

When it came time to FINALLY say “I’m going to finish this fucking room!” I turned to my Swedish friend who has a bad reputation but has always served me well.  I then hopped on to Etsy, found the prettiest brass cabinet hardware for less than it costs to take my kids to Taco Bell and placed an online order at Wal-Mart for that faux terrazzo look that would be just fine when sitting 6-8’ away from our (not Frame) TV.  It all came together and I’m happy.  Is it the prettiest walnut or teak with exposed dovetail drawers?  No but all good things come to those who wait… even people who are stubborn and have expensive tastes.

The recipe:
2 Bestå TV units + 1 Bestå single unit
Lappviken door / drawers
1 sheet of melamine board cut in half length-wise
1 roll of faux terrazzo contact paper
4 – 2.5″ semi-circle brass pulls
6 – 2.5″ rounded brass pulls 
Sputnik wall sconce

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