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We have a grownup house with an entry way.  And we are learning that our, rather large, entry way is kind of a room in itself.

It has to be a functional space, place to take of shoes, hang coats, etc.  It also will be the first impression when entering our home… And now that I  have ended my 3 year lease at an industrial office space downtown so we could simplify our lives, have more cash to spend on our dream house and I could have dinner with my family & kiss my kids good night, it will also be the first impression to my photography clients!  So I have been stressing a tad.

So the entry.  After (too many) hours looking through every imaginable bench that fits the style of our home, this is the design board that we are leaning toward.  Modern, clean lines, but at the same top, pops of color & just the right hint of retro.


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