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If I could design kids rooms full time, I would love it.  They are so much fun to put together.  For the boys room at our old house (take a peek here & here) I used a lot of pieces that I knew would grow with them or that we would be able to utilize in other parts of our house.  When moving in to Oh Mid Mod we decided that the rooms were plenty large enough for the boys to share and the other bedroom could be used at their playroom, which I cannot wait to do!  Locke is pretty obsessed with all things space right now.  Let him tell you about the 5 dwarf planets and how he would like to build robots that walk on Mars when he grows up… That Montessori education 😉  We are putting the finishing touches on everything right now then I will take photos of the finished room which MAY end up being the first room 100% finished in the house, ha!  They deserve it.

mid century modern boys kids room space theme


Broyhill Vintage Bed (similar, new)

Buzz Aldrin Poster

Chrome Pendant

Striped Rug

Blue Nightstand

Yellow Lamp

True Modern Lime Dress (possibly discontinued)

Red Eames-Style rocking chair

Yellow Rug

Solar System Print

Moon Nightlight



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