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office space before

We have officially closed & have a bit of a game plan for renovations.  First up, my office!  OhMidMod-Office_prereno-01


Two areas of the house I will be using for my business to eliminate the studio I am renting downtown.  It’s a bit bittersweet to lose the lofty space downtown, but it will be a great lifestyle improvement and much less stressful for clients to just park at our home, rather than scouring downtown for a meter.  There is wood panelling on the ceiling, wall, exposed brick, a red wall and an orange wall.  The room was an addition for a mother in law suite, so there is also a full bath.  We are demolishing the full bath which is almost 100 sqft and connected that space along with the large hall closet for added storage.  Here are a few photos of the space right before we pulled up flooring.  Can’t wait to knock down some walls and make this space more open!!






Didn’t take long to rip up tiles, carpet & tack strips!  All original and high quality… and the plywood subfloor is actually really nice!  Don’t make them like this anymore, folks!


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