boys room

boys room

While we do have four bedrooms, we have always wanted the boys to share a bedroom.  This is something we may revisit when they are a bit older but as it stands now, they are sharing a room.  Now having said that, it is rare that they both stay in their own beds through the night so it doesn’t much help in the keep each other company aspect.  In the end, a king bed is really for two adults and two kids, right?!  Is my sarcasm coming through?

Here is a look back on the initial design for the boys rooms… and as you’ll see, we didn’t much deviate from that.  I’m a big proponent for investing in quality pieces from when they are born so you can’t years of use out of them.  I am happy to say, that the only Ikea thing in their bedroom is the Ribba picture frame.

Broyhill Vintage Beds similar
Buzz Aldrin Poster
Chrome Pendant
Yellow Lamp
Moon Nightlight
Flannel Bedding
Acrylic Bookshelf

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