zero plastic, zero waste kitchen

zero plastic, zero waste kitchen

I am so excited to share this info!  Of course this blog space started out as a place to share home renovation but why not share more lifestyle content?

For the past few years I have been on a mission to buy less, buy once.  Many products that we purchase over and over again have a reusable substitute.  It may cost more upfront but in the long run it is not only better for your wallet but the planet!

To keep things simple, I’ve broken down what we use in our kitchen.


In our kitchen you won’t find any paper towels or really anything disposable!  The paper towels really throws people off who visit for the first time. We use cloth napkins at meals and dish towels to clean counters.

24ct 100% cotton cloth napkins these WILL NOT stay looking new and fancy as we’re ok with that. NOT ironing these… we have fancy printed ones that stay crisp.
rectangle food storage glass containers
various food storage glass containers
reusable silicone food storage bags
metal straws (I keep one set in my car!)
mesh and muslin produce/bulk food bags

zero plastic zero waste kitchen


Anyone who has seen my water bottle, comments on it.  My 64 oz double insulated water bottle was mainly purchased for days I am photographing weddings but has since kept me accountable in getting enough water every day.  We have them in various sizes…

64oz double insulated that will stay cold ALL DAY in July 🙂
normal size
little guy

zero plastic zero waste kitchen


We have ZERO PLASTIC.  A few years back I noticed little knife scrapes in my kiddos cutesy plates and freaked out that they were ingesting little pieces of plastic.  This is before we knew BPA was BS.  I made the 100% switch to high quality stainless steel cups, bowls and plates.  It is an investment and we didn’t buy all these pieces at once.

stainless steel cups: tiny size • medium sizeadult size
kids lunch boxes
stainless steel plates
stainless steel bowls

zero plastic zero waste kitchen

Next up, bathroom/personal care?

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