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rainbows, unicorns and paisley, on my!

My friend’s little girl, Paisley, wears as much tie dye as a Dead Head and loves all things ponies.  So when Paisley’s mommy asked that I help redo their room, I knew I wanted to do something that matched the 4 year old’s bright + colorful personality.  Here is a peek at the design… the cloud photo mural may be my favourite part.  Sources below…


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our boys, our renovation

boys get spacey

If I could design kids rooms full time, I would love it.  They are so much fun to put together.  For the boys room at our old house (take a peek here & here) I used a lot of pieces that I knew would grow with them or that we would be able to utilize in other parts of our house.  When moving in to Oh Mid Mod we decided that the rooms were plenty large enough for the boys to share and the other bedroom could be used at their playroom, which I cannot wait to do!  Locke is pretty obsessed with all things space right now.  Let him tell you about the 5 dwarf planets and how he would like to build robots that walk on Mars when he grows up… That Montessori education 😉  We are putting the finishing touches on everything right now then I will take photos of the finished room which MAY end up being the first room 100% finished in the house, ha!  They deserve it.

mid century modern boys kids room space theme


Broyhill Vintage Bed (similar, new)

Buzz Aldrin Poster

Chrome Pendant

Striped Rug

Blue Nightstand

Yellow Lamp

True Modern Lime Dress (possibly discontinued)

Red Eames-Style rocking chair

Yellow Rug

Solar System Print

Moon Nightlight



befores, our renovation

buffet makeover in progress

The 80s made people do questionable things… the faux marble finish on the 13 foot buffet cabinet in our dining room has been one of the biggest projects.  Our lovely seller, Jill, told us (thankfully!) that underneath the faux marble, that she had commissioned a local artist to do, there was a lovely warm wood and the top was the 1×3 tile that matched our entry.  I spent many hours stripping both sides of this 13 foot buffet with an eco friendly paint stripper.  Pulled the top off only to see that the 80s top was glued down to the lovely tile.  We were able to salvage a lot of the tile which came in handy when we repaired the entry way which had some broken pieces (and needed re-grouting).  We sanded & stained.  I have lovely pulls on their way and acrylic solid surface counters being installed soon!

Here is our work in progress… Final transformation in a couple weeks!

mid century modern buffet makeover oh mid mod
mid century modern buffet makeover oh mid mod
mid century modern buffet makeover oh mid mod
mid century modern buffet makeover oh mid mod

our renovation

entry way…

We have a grownup house with an entry way.  And we are learning that our, rather large, entry way is kind of a room in itself.  It has to be a functional space, place to take of shoes, hang coats, etc.  It also will be the first impression when entering our home… And how that I ended my 3 year lease at an industrial office space downtown so we could simplify our lives, have more cash to spend on our dream house and I could have dinner with my family & kiss my kids good night, it will also be the first impression to my photography clients!  So I have been stressing a tad.

So the entry.  After (too many) hours looking through every imaginable bench that fits the style of our home, this is the design board that we are leaning toward.  Modern, clean lines, but at the same top, pops of color & just the right hint of retro.


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befores, office, our renovation

office space before

We have officially closed & have a bit of a game plan for renovations.  First up, my office!  Two areas of the house I will be using for my business to eliminate the studio I am renting downtown.  It’s a bit bittersweet to lose the lofty space downtown, but it will be a great lifestyle improvement and much less stressful for clients to just park at our home, rather than scouring downtown for a meter.  There is wood panelling on the ceiling, wall, exposed brick, a red wall and an orange wall.  The room was an addition for a mother in law suite, so there is also a full bath.  We are demolishing the full bath which is almost 100 sqft and connected that space along with the large hall closet for added storage.  Here are a few photos of the space right before we pulled up flooring.  Can’t wait to knock down some walls and make this space more open!!







Didn’t take long to rip up tiles, carpet & tack strips!  All original and high quality… and the plywood subfloor is actually really nice!  Don’t make them like this anymore, folks!


our renovation

waiting to close…

After renovating our 50s ranch for the past 9 years, we sold it. Fast.  And for a decent price.  Hurray for market shift!  Now we are waiting on closing on a huge 1962 mid century ranch… that needs work.  Something I said I didn’t want to do again.   we ‘lost’ a quad level house that was perfectly renovated/updating keeping original MCM finishes in tact.  I shouldn’t even mention it… The house we DID get, well, it is in my dream neighborhood, quiet, centrally located and the hood is FULL of custom mid century modern homes.  I just may start jogging again just for the eye candy!  We will be renovating again… with two kids… and the house is 2.5x larger than the one we are moving out of.  Raise your hand if you are already overwhelmed!

I will be blogging the process.  And as soon as we take possession, the before photos will be shared!

Here goes nothing.

Exterior… pink doors will likely be painted a blue hue.


While the inspector, inspected, I did selfies in the half bath that is wall to ceiling orange toucan wallpaper.  It is amazing.  And it is staying.  Half bath needs a new toilet & light fixture…